Social Media Trends to Pay Attention Social Media Trends to Pay Attention

Social Media Trends to Pay Attention

Social Media Trends to Pay Attention to

Every business wants to stand out and this is the perfect time to reassess the digital marketing strategies implemented all year long and make necessary changes. Social Media is now a part of the everyday routine of many, and this is not going to change anytime soon.

New and exciting features, brand opportunities, and consumer behavior are a few of the social media trends you can look forward to.

Social media is for everyone, including consumers, businesses, and creators. The right marketing strategy not only helps you connect with your target audience but also provides an opportunity to stand out in the crowd. Therefore, it is important to know about the current social media trends as it allows you to improve your marketing strategy and stay ahead of your competitors.

How to increase engagement in social media

If you are looking forward to increasing engagement in social media, there are a few expert tips you can follow. You need to treat your social media account more like a party, where you need to be welcoming and encouraging at the same time. With social media engagement, you not only make an impact but gain excellent visibility at the same time.

Let us have a look at the tricks you can follow to boost your social media engagement.

Start by analyzing the engagement

If you wish to measure the growth of your social media account, you need to know where you started. Start by noting down the followers you have, the number of comments you get on your post, and the shares you get on an average on every post.

Once done, make sure you keep a track of these numbers every day so that you understand what is working for you, and what is not.

Find the right strategy

Not every marketing technique works for every business. This is important as every business is unique, and so are their marketing goals, hence the marketing strategy needs to be different too. 

You need to choose the right strategy based on what works for your brand and what does not. Whatever strategy you choose, make sure

  • It gives a clear idea of what your brand is about
  • Helps you obtain new leads
  • Helps you collect feedback on new products or services
  • Educates your audience

Know about your target audience

It can be pretty hard to engage your audience if you do not know anything about them. By knowing customer behavior, you can know certainly facts like

  • When is the ideal time to post
  • The type of posts your customers like
  • The social media sites you can post on
  • And the brand voice you need to use

Share helpful and engaging content

By following the above steps, you will be aware of who your target audience is and the reason why you wish to reach them. Now, you need to be ready for the most important “w” – ie, what would you tell them.

Make sure you share the content, which is helpful to your audience and addresses their wants. You need to focus on conversation and not just a broadcast. Having said that, you can even include the below-mentioned post ideas and get a little creative too.

  • Plan some contests
  • Ask questions
  • Have polls
  • Have an “ask me anything session”
  • Have a quiz
  • Contests to upload the best media
  • Share animated gifs
  • Spotlight on contributors

Focus on conversations

The conversation is more than an art; it is a sport. When you plan to market your products or services online, you need to be prepared to give and take. Hence, brands need to be aware of both reactive and proactive engagement.

When you as a brand are reactive, you will be giving answers to the comments or the direct questions asked. When you are being proactive, you will be the one starting a conversation with people who might be talking about your brand or you. 

Always shows the human side of a brand

People love to interact with a brand when they know that they are talking to a real person. Many brands ask their social team to sign their name on social media posts. You can even show your human side by responding to the comment with warmth and sharing the info or the pictures of the people who are behind the brand via videos and pictures.

Focus beyond the social media feed

While responding to comments and sharing a post is important, there are other ways to show your audience that you care. You need to be active with private conversations and focus on direct messages and interactions via Facebook or Instagram story.

Make sure you treat your audience right and they will do the same for you.

What are the most popular social media trends in 2020?

Do you know what social media trends are for 2020 and beyond? Let us have a look.

Focus on the metrics

As per recent studies, marketers as well as brands are now looking beyond likes and followers. They are actually focusing on the metrics to understand what is working for them and what is not. By looking beyond the surface data, marketers are not able to plan their marketing strategically.

Growth of communities

Marketers now are focused on creating connections that help them reach the right audience. This has paved the way to “interest-driven communities”.

Brand influencers

Brand influences are sure to stay but they are certainly under a microscope. More brands are now connecting with influencers who have meaningful engagement, even when he/she has just a couple of thousand followers.

Stories are here to stay

Stories are the biggest trends in social media and are widely used on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and these are here to stay.

The boom in video content

Marketers can now expect good growth in both long-form as well as short-form videos. Brands can now share their stories or behind the scene videos on platforms like Facebook, Instagram (IGTV), and of course on YouTube, which again is the second-largest social media platform after Facebook.

So, which social media trend you think will have an impact on your business or brand? We are aware that social media is changing and it will remain to do so. So, are you ready for this change?

video based social media marketing

Social media facts 2020

If you are wondering how social media can help your business, make sure to check these facts.

  • More than 67% of UK's population use social media
  • The top three social media platforms are Facebook, YouTube, and Facebook Messenger
  • Pinterest is the social media platform that has the longest lifespan
  • More than 33% of consumers (beauty products) make their purchases after the reviews on social media platforms
  • Digital advertising in the US alone is expected to reach $130 Billion
  • Facebook is used by more than 2.4 Billion users
  • More than 80% of the videos on Facebook are watched without sound
  • More than 53% of consumers buy the products after they connect with the seller directly on social media
  • 49% of the adult women from the US use Instagram
  • More than 54% of buyers purchase a  product after watching it on Instagram
  • More than 60% of Americans use Instagram daily


Do you increase your business using social media?

Social media when used right can skyrocket your business sales. Brand use social media platforms to reach their target audience, influence the industry, and to connect with their customers. The team at AmitKK uses proven marketing methods to increase brand visibility and leads. We understand consumer behavior to ensure long-lasting relationships with your customers.

How to increase business through a social media channel

Social media marketing is not only for small businesses or for start-ups but is used by medium to large-scale businesses to boost their sales and increase brand visibility. Social media is here to stay, and so is social media marketing.

Follow the below-mentioned tips to increase the business via social media marketing

Pick the right platform

Not every business thrives on Facebook. Make sure you as a business choose from the most popular platform, that has the most active communities or audience. The social media platforms you can choose are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.

Have a goal

Social media provides businesses with immense benefits, but it helps to start your marketing campaign with a goal. Do you wish to gain visibility, or know the feedback of a newly launched product? Ask yourself before you start a campaign.

Have the right strategy

Now that you have a goal, you need the right strategy, and you need to implement is right! Make sure you decide on what to post when to post and who your target audience is. The social media marketing team at AmitKK helps you with just that. You also need to be clear as to which content is posted where (on which social media platform).

Keep your audience in mind

It is important to know the needs of your audience for a successful social media campaign as it focuses on their interests. So, make sure you are aware of the kind of content you wish to share, and as to how you plan to engage your audience.

Whatever the kind of audience you have, make sure you share relevant and high-quality content. Your focus needs to be on using high-quality content, catchy phrases, HD images, and videos.


Though content has its own importance, you cannot just make a post and leave it. Social media marketing is all about engagement and improving connections. So, if you wish to foster your existing connections, and gain some new loyal followers, you need to engage.

You can do so by,

  • Making comments on your post
  • Start or participate in conversations
  • Share useful information
  • Post or answer questions
  • Addresses any complaints
  • Show your appreciation towards your followers or customers

Minimize promotions

While promoting your product or service is important, you also need to focus on customer engagement and meeting the needs and interests of your audience. Instead of using your social media account only for promotions, focus on using it as a tool for communication.

Be consistent

Remember that social media is not a onetime deal. You need to have all the patience to gain visibility and establish your presence. You can even make use of various tools that help you to schedule or automate your posts. Whatever tools you use, you need to be prepared to spend about 15 minutes every day.

Social media platforms provide you with amazing opportunities to witness growth in your business. Make sure you use the right marketing strategies and make the best of it. If you are unsure, you can always hire the services of the best social media marketing agency in Delhi, AmitKK.

Is social media enough for the business development

While social media marketing can do wonders for your business, you can obtain amazing results when paired with SEO. To know more, please contact our digital marketing team at AmitKK.

Social media marketing is a part of the brand marketing strategy that helps you connect with your audiences, and increase awareness about the products or services you offer. When used right, it can provide leads, improve traffic, and boost your sales.

Best social media agency in Delhi | About Amit KK

We at AmitKK understand that social media keeps evolving, and this makes it challenging for brands, and businesses to create content that breaks through and reaches the right audience.

Known to be the best social media agency in Delhi, Amit KK focuses on creating content that creates brand power. We focus on creating content and marketing strategies for a variety of budgets and make it easier for brands to reach their social media commitments.

Experience the difference as we help you achieve your marketing as well as sales goals. Contact us to know more.


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