Understanding Google's Search Algorithm Understanding Google's Search Algorithm

Understanding Google's Search Algorithm

Google Search algorithm means the process that lets Google discover, rank, and generate the most relevant pages for user search queries. The Google ranking system uses several algorithms that decide based on metrics like quality, relevancy, and page traffic. The complex process's workings are not widely disclosed.

Google releases its algorithm updates and indicates how you can rank well in Google search engines. Let’s discuss how algorithms influence SEO success.

Google Search Algorithm and SEO Ranking Factors

When you optimize your page for search engines, Google helps to lead customers to your page/site. So, understand the ranking systems.

Keywords/ Search query

How does Google understand Keywords?

Search engines focus on what the user is searching for and the user's search intent. Google has to understand the meaning of the words and what the user asks for using the specific query. It can be definitions, reviews, buy or sell, or particular pages. Secondly, Google considers the uniqueness of the content for the specific query. Sometimes, it is difficult for Google to distinguish the general queries and offer additional choices. For example, if your search query is “White Hat,”- the results show the site of Whitehat, the image of white hat, and computer security definitions.

How does SEO work on Search Queries?

You need to mention the target keywords naturally throughout the content. The ideal approach is to use your keyword multiple times across the page. It includes:

  • Page Title
  • Subheading
  • Page URL
  • Introduction Paragraph

It’s unnecessary to focus on only exact queries; you can use search intent relevant to what users look for. In this way, you can cover what users precisely search for. Use the tools to keywords used in content and optimize a page accordingly.


How does Google Understand Quality?

One of the critical elements that page rank algorithms consider is the quality and quantity of links pointing to a page. It is because among the millions of pages for search queries, Google has to prefer the quality content that holds EAT – Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

How does SEO work on Backlinks?

Google decides the quality and shows the websites linked to the prominent pages. It means Google sees the backlink sites from authoritative websites pointing to your sites. This technique is called link building.

Google considers that the number of backlinks from quality pages increases, showing the credibility of your pages.

It is one of the most critical tasks in SEO, where they have to get Google's trust. It would be best if you found out whether the links limit your content from ranking by analyzing your page backlink profile compared to your competitors. There are various link-building strategies, such as guest blogging, broken link building, and creating linkable assets.

If you’re new to the business, consult with Search Engine Optimization agencies or experts to boost your rankings.

User Experience/ Usability

How does Google understand Usability?

Let's discuss how Google finds your website's Usability and user-friendliness good. Various technical aspects include page responsiveness, page speed, and website security.

The Google Algorithm considers the experience signals as a ranking factor; you need to be sure about the Core Web Vitals of your website.

How does SEO work on User Experience?

The factors that Google determines as Good User Experience are:

  • Better page load speed of under two seconds.
  • No disturbing pop-ups or ads
  • Instinct navigation
  • Better internal linking
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Website Design
  • Meta Tags

These are a few aspects that influence the ranking systems. So, using the tools and running a Site Audit is better. After Google launched a major update, the importance of Core Web Vitals is relatively high. So, it is necessary to improve the site performance through tools and conduct website audits.

Content Freshness

How Google Sees Freshness of Content?

The recent posts and unique content of your website are considered fresh content. Users always look for recent updates. For example, if users search for news-related items, Google often prioritizes recent posts. If your content doesn’t need to be updated frequently or users look for “how-to” articles, then the ranking results vary and look for the relevancy of the search queries and contents.

How does SEO work on Content Quality?

Content quality is one of the ranking factors, so you need to know the chances of staying on the first page of the Google Search engine.

  • How and what are the keywords you’re targeting?
  • Analyze the SERP for the keywords.
  • Should satisfy EAT, freshness, and quality


How does Google offer Authority of Sites?

Google wants to show websites for similar queries that many people look for. This refers to websites with valuable content regarding queries relevant to the query being searched.

It is an assumption that current backlinks are a factor where Google means that users see value. Therefore, you must acquire links from sites relevant to your topic and create a lot of related content.

How SEO Works on Relevance in Backlinks?

Google may consider your site an authority because you have a lot of related content and contextually relevant links, which could help you rank higher in the search results.

For instance, if you want to rank for the keyword “best Tissot watches,” Google may take that factor in when determining your ranking when people visit your website looking for information on the following topics,

  • Top X Tissot watches to buy
  • Who can wear watches from Tissot?
  • Historical to contemporary Tissot watch trends

If your page has content on these topics, you must consider obtaining related backlinks. Also, ensure that you optimize the content and other ranking aspects.

Things You Should Know for SEO Success: Google Algorithm Updates

Google usually makes small changes and rarely implements the scheduled updates or changes rolled out under names like Pigeon, RankBrain, and BERT.

Earlier, Google focused on the keywords and search terms, and with the BERT update, Google ranks pages according to the concepts and ideas behind the search terms.

Because of this, putting keywords into content is no longer a good idea and is ineffective. Writers need to focus on writing engaging & informative content that is liked by their target audience. After each algorithm update, users eventually discover strategies to elevate low-quality websites to the top of search results. Thus, Google Algorithm updates bring various improvements to close these gaps and reward its users with high-quality sites that precisely match queries.

Google Penalties

Have you ever witnessed a sudden decrease in visitors to your website? It might be the result of a Google penalty.

If that's the case, Google Search Console is supposed to have issued you a manual action notice. You must fix the issues on your website and then fill out a form outlining the reasons behind the problem. ● You won't be notified if Google Algorithm Updates discovers an issue on your page, and you could begin to lose visitors. Optimize the page and create an SEO strategy to start ranking again.

Difference between Black White & Grey Hat SEO

  • Black hat SEO is a technique that tries to manipulate the algorithm to make a low-quality website rank higher than it deserves. Keyword stuffing, link purchasing, duplicate content, and malware are examples of black hat SEO techniques.
  • White hat SEO refers to adequately optimizing a page. The techniques comply with Google's Webmaster Guidelines. They are committed to putting in place where the strategies are long-lasting and won't subject them to Google penalties.
  • Grey Hat is a good balance of the two, using white hat methods for long-term sustainability and black hat methods for research but not execution. It's probably where the majority of ambitious SEOs lose.

Google usually identifies and penalizes black hat SEO techniques. If you'd like to remain on Google's good side, you should stick to a white hat or grey hat SEO strategy.

Future of SEO

SEO is heading towards mobile and voice search in the future. There's no going back now that mobile internet usage has definitely exceeded desktop browsing.

People use smart devices to ask questions when they have them. So, you need to focus on the queries that people are looking for where you may rank high in any of these search queries.

Google has developed algorithms specifically for mobile optimization. In this case, search engines will alert you with a loss in percentage for mobile optimization if users complain that your photos take too long to load or appear distorted.

Therefore, make your website more mobile-friendly.

Key Takeaways

  • Create authentic content that users search for.
  • Stay on top of search engines and follow the Google Algorithm changes.
  • Pay attention to guidelines to avoid Google Penalties.
  • Better to get help or guidance from SEO agencies or experts to set your website success.
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